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Espoon Tanssiopisto gives dance lessons in basic education in the arts. Available studies include:

In addition Open department (Avoin opetus) lessons are available for adults and teenagers over 13 years old. The available open department lessons include classical ballet, jazz dance, contemporary dance, tap dance and pilates.

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Choose the right lesson:

  • The lessons of open department (avoin opetus) are: classical ballet, contemporary dance and jazz dance
  • Students who have turned 14 can take part in open department lessons.

Please register to the groups according to the birth year:

  • Children’s dance LT 3-4 v (2021): year 2021
  • Children’s dance LT 4-5 v (2020): year 2020
  • Children’s dance LT 5-6 v (2019): year 2019
  • Pre-ballet EB 6-7 v (2018): year 2018
  • Elementary ballet 1, AB1 (2017): year 2017
  • Elementary ballet 2, AB2 (2016): year 2016
  • Basic and advanced studies (continuing classes/jatkoluokat): students born in 2015 and before
  • Open department (Avoin opetus): adults 

In addition you can register your child into a one year younger students’ group.

After registration you can try our lessons for two weeks. If you wish not to continue with the lessons after the trial period, just cancel the lesson by sending an email during the trial period to info@espoontanssiopisto.fi.

Please register on our registration site.

For further information please check our cancellation terms.