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Student fees 2024/2025

Pdf-file is available only in Finnish.

Lapsi/aikuinen L/A 1-3: 195 e/term
Lastentanssi LT 3-4 (2021): 172 e/term
Lastentanssi LT 4-5 (2020): 195 e/term
Lastentanssi LT 5-6 (2019): 195 e/term
Esibaletti EB 6-7 (2018): 206 e/term
Alkeisbaletti 1, AB1 (2017): 206 e/term
Alkeisbaletti 2, AB2 (2016): 331 e/term
Päiväkodit/Day care center’s children’s dance: 164 e/term
Pojat/boys 4-6: 195 e/term
Pojat/boys 6-9: 206 e/term

The rest of the prices according to the pdf file below:

For further information please contact: laskutus@espoontanssiopisto.(opens in a new window)

Pro Bono student status

The Pro Bono student status can be applied from Espoon Tanssiopisto if the family’s annual incomes are less than 34 000 euros. The status is only available for the basic education students in the arts. Please note that there can only be a limited number of Pro Bono students per year. The application period is annually in August and we will send further information on the application period with the season start bulletin in August. Other applications outside the application period will not be considered.

For further information please contact toimisto@espoontanssiopisto.fi.