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Basic and advanced studies

In the basic studies (approximately 9 – 15 years old students) the main subject will be studied twice a week. In addition the student can choose secondary and/or optional subject available for the student’s group.

In Espoon Tanssiopisto classical ballet and contemporary dance can be chosen as main subjects starting from the age of 9. Starting from the age of 12 jazz dance can be chosen as a main subject as well.

In the advanced studies (approximately 15 – 19 years old students) the main subjects will be studied atleast twice or three times a week and the chosen secondary subjects atleast once a week.

The basic and advanced studies in contemporary dance (Nyky 1 – 9), 9 – 19 years old 2 – 4 x 75 – 90 min/week

Levels are indicated from 1 to 9 (with 9 as the highest level). If there are several separate groups at a level, the group is indicated with a small letter, for example 4/a and 4/b.