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Espoon Tanssiopisto offers dance lessons in adult/children dance (lapsi-aikuinen-tanssi, L/A), children's dance (lastentanssi, LT), boys' dance (pojat), pre-ballet (esibaletti, EB), elementary ballet (alkeisbaletti, AB), classical ballet (klassinen baletti), jazz dance (jazztanssi), contemporary dance (nykytanssi), tap dance (steppitanssi) and character dance (karakteritanssi).

Students under 9 years old join the groups according to their birth years. The students older than 9 will join the continuing classes (jatkoluokat) and choose their main subject, which can be classical ballet or contemporary dance. Students who are 12 years old or older can choose jazz dance as their main subject as well. Lessons in main subjects will be held twice a week. Classical ballet, contemporary dance and jazz dance (for students over 12) are available for secondary subjects as well. In addition tap dance and character dance (starting from the level B3) can be chosen as an optional subject. Please see the instructions about joining the groups in the basic arts education.

In addition we have lessons once a week for adults and teenagers over 13 years old (avoin opetus) in ballet, jazz dance, contemporary dance, tap dance and pilates.

We will take only online entries: In addition please check our cancellation terms.

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