Entries to the lessons of Espoon Tanssiopisto

Please enter to the groups according to the birth year:
  • Lastentanssi LT 3-4 v (2015): born by 30.9.2015
  • Lastentanssi LT 4-5 v (2014): year 2014
  • Lastentanssi LT 5-6 v (2013): year 2013
  • Esibaletti EB 6-7 v (2012): year 2012
  • Alkeisbaletti 1, AB1 (2011): year 2011
  • Alkeisbaletti 2, AB2 (2010): year 2010
  • Jatkoluokat: born before 2010
  • Avoin opetus: adults 
In addition you can enter your child into a one year younger students' group.

Autumn term: 13.8. - 16.12.2018
Spring term: 7.1. - 26.5.2019

You can always try our lessons, but you must always submit your entry form before the lessons.
Additional information: cancellation terms

Entries for the groups of 2018/2019

Entries for the groups of 2018/2019 can be made from the entry calendar's links on the entry page (ilmoittautuminen). You can make entries for many camps and courses as well. All entries are to be made online via the links in the calendar.

You can use the search engine above the entry calendar to search groups by the name of the location (sijainti) or by the group (oppilasryhmä). To show the availabe groups please click the button (näytä kurssit).

Further information on the groups can be found in the opetus-section in Finnish. Maps of the locations can be found in the opetuspisteet-section.

We are taking entries from new students during the whole year 2018/2019. If there are vacancies in your requested group the entry form is available. If the group is full you can enter to the waiting list.

In case of entering into the continuing classes (jatkoluokat) we will check your entry first and the best group for you will be offered to you according to the availability.

Groups will be established if more than 10 students have been entered to the group.

Before making your entry please check our cancellation terms and other important instructions about the entries including the student fees.

Please note specifically that the cancellations of the entries and the dance lessons during the term are to be made to the office by e-mail info(at)espoontanssiopisto.fi.

The cancellation terms for the camps and courses can be found in their info leaflets (esite) or bulletins.

If you will make your entry to the groups in the autumn term after 30.9.2018 (or in the spring term after 24.2.2019) please contact the office info@espoontanssiopisto.fi for receiving the price for the rest of the term.

Further information about the dance lessons:
  • Lastentanssi (children's dance), päiväkodit (day care centers), esibaletti (pre-ballet) ja alkeisbaletti 1 (elementary ballet 1): Sini Kukkonen
  • Alkeisbaletti 2 (elementary ballet 2), jatkoluokat/continuing classes: klassinen baletti (classical ballet) and karakteritanssi (character dance): Sanna Leino
  • Pojat (boys), jatkoluokat/continuing classes: nykytanssi (modern dance), jazztanssi (jazz dance) and steppitanssi (tap dance): Taina Huovila-Währn
E-mail addresses: firstname.lastname(at)espoontanssiopisto.fi
General questions: info(at)espoontanssiopisto.fi